Knowing where our students are academically at all times and how much they are improving is an essential component of our program. Our teachers assess our students informally and formally throughout the year and use their data to ensure that every prepster is receiving the type of instruction that he or she needs to be academically successful.  

Keep reading to see our most recent scores showing growth at Cornerstone Prep and Lester Prep! Click here to see our students' reading growth.

Lester Prep 2015-2016 MAP Fall to Spring GLE Growth

We're proud of the growth of our Scholars during the 2015-2016 school year. See the chart below!

MAP Scores for 2014-2015

Click here to see the MAP scores for the full 2014-2015 school year!

See below for past years' scores. 

MAP Scores for 2013-2014





Lester Prep First Semester Scores Beat National Averages 

Scholars in our new middle school, Lester Prep, recently took their mid-year national assessment known as MAP, which stands for Measure of Academic Progress. The results of this assessment reveal the outstanding achievements of these students in our new middle school.

In reading, Lester Prep Scholars grew more than 91% of the students in the country who started at their same level! Similarly, the Scholars grew more than 89% in Language, 80% in math and 70% in Science.


We are so proud of these 6th graders and can see that this founding class of Lester Prep are truly on their way to college. 

We are so proud of our prepsters for their growth in reading! At Cornerstone Prep, we assess all of our prepsters at the beginning of the school year to record our prepsters baseline reading fluency and comprehension levels using the Reading A-Z running records. Then, every prepster is assessed at least once every six weeks to track their reading throughout the year. At the end of this past school year, we were thrilled at how much prepsters had improved in their reading. See reading growth results here!

Terra Nova

The Terra Nova is recognized as one of the most rigorous national tests and has a norm created by approximately 350,000 students across the nation. This assessment was used during our first two years and has subsequently been replaced by the MAP assessment. Click here to see past Terra Nova results.