Enrollment is Open for 2015-2016!

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Cornerstone Prep - Lester Campus
Cornerstone Prep - Denver Campus (coming soon!)
Lester Prep

College Prep Education Offered to Families in Memphis

Capstone Education Group and its schools are excited to provide a quality college prep education to the families in Memphis as part of the Achievement School District (ASD). The ASD prioritizes enrolling students based on their current school zoning and application timing. Be sure to use the school links above to get your school's information.

Enrollment Form

Please complete this form as soon as possible and mail it to Capstone Education Group at PO Box 22569, Memphis, TN 38122. For questions about the enrollment process, contact Jacque Rowe Fields, Director of Community and Family Relations at Cornerstone Prep - Lester Campus, at (901) 416-5983.

Career Opportunities

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This is a unique opportunity to build a high-performing urban school that does whatever it takes to prepare students for college success. A couple of years ago, Cornerstone Prep was selected to join the Achievement School District, a new program created to turn around the lowest performing schools in the state of Tennessee. Cornerstone Prep was honored to be the only organization approved to take over an elementary school in Memphis and is looking for teachers to join the team to accomplish this important work.


Capstone Education Group's schools equip all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community.


  • Work with the Principal to design and implement outstanding curriculum and instructional strategies to ensure all students achieve at high levels
  • Produce dramatic and consistent student achievement gains
  • Create a school culture of high academic performance and strong moral character
  • Continuously create and refine effective instructional practices 
  • Willingness to work in an extended day and extended school year environment


  • Degree in education required
  • Belief that there is not a more urgent task than to provide an outstanding education to students from low-income, urban backgrounds
  • An unwavering conviction that all students can achieve at high levels
  • Commitment to do whatever it takes to prepare all students for college success
  • Track record of producing dramatic, demonstrable student achievement gains
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, passion and energy
  • Ability to work well in a team of high-performers
  • Goal-driven, self-reflective and analytical problem solver


To apply for one of our open positions, send your resume, and cover letter to Drew Sippel, Executive Director, at dsippel@cornerstoneprepmemphis.org.