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Diana Bey, principal

Diana Bey joined the Cornerstone Prep team as a founding Kindergarten teacher, later holding the position of Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Cornerstone Prep - Lester Campus. Diana previously taught at Veritas Classical school, where she facilitated and taught fourth grade students. Prior to this, Diana taught Kindergarten at a Memphis charter school and taught in Michigan.

Diana now serves as the Principal of Cornerstone Prep - Denver Campus, which opens in August 2015 in Frayser. She has had the privilege of becoming an active member of the Frayser Exchange Club, attending meetings and getting to know the community of Frayser.  She looks forward to learning more from the amazing families, students and community partners at Denver.

Diana graduated from Eastern Michigan University, where she majored in math and minored in science. She has a teaching certification from the State of Michigan, where she is Highly Qualified K-5 and Science 6-8 and also has teaching certification from the State of Tennessee in Elementary K-6.

Diana brings a combination of passion, mission fit and experience to the school. When Diana originally saw the job posting for her original position, she immediately called her husband and said, “This school describes my heart.” Diana said,  “This will allow me to teach the way I believe teaching should be done in terms of format and structure. I look forward to spending years and years watching this school grow.”

Pamela McReynolds, Assistant Principal

Pamela McReynolds brings to the Cornerstone Prep Denver family her experience as a special needs teacher and school administrator. She worked in the former Memphis City Schools, Fairfax County Virginia Schools and Shelby County Schools. Growing up, she attended Fayette County Schools in Somerville, TN and later attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she received her Master’s degree from Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis).

Pamela is honored to serve the children and families in this community and is a firm believer that a well-rounded educational experience is paramount as our students begin their future built on that foundation. She is an advocate for both children and for the elderly.

Pamela dedicates herself to the advancement of learning, for she knows that without it our successors will lack both the vision and the power to build well. Pamela says, “I dedicate myself to the cultivation of character, for I know that humanity cannot flourish without courage, compassion, honesty and trust.”

We’re honored to have Pamela as a part of our leadership team at Cornerstone Prep Denver!  


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